Football for Dummies | Howie Long with John Czarnecki


In the past couple of years particularly, I’ve had a growing interest in American football and this past season was the first that I’d really followed from start of the regular season all the way to the Super Bowl. This being my first “official” off-season, I decided to do some training of my own and get to grips with the 90% of the game that I didn’t really understand.

This book was a good place to do it – Howie Long writes like a geek which I appreciate, and as a former player has some interesting little tips dotted here and there throughout the book. There’s a very useful glossary at the back which I used quite a lot at the beginning of the book to get to grips with the lingo, but the Long’s pretty good at explaining what he means as he goes along. I finally have a slightly better understanding of the difference between the offence and defence, and what the heck a safety is, and that a cornerback isn’t really like a quarterback at all. The one slight negative for me was the chapters on offensive and defensive strategy – whilst interesting, most of it went way over my head as it was pretty intense reading! Otherwise it was very readable.

I had the fourth edition, from about 2010, so there were points that dated it and some of the team information wasn’t very up-to-date, but then that’s my own fault for only wanting to spend £2.81 rather than £16.99. All in all, if you’re interested in American football but want a bit of a knowledge boost, I think this is a good way to go!

Get it here.

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