Where Was God When That Happened? | Christopher Ash


This little book is an absolute gem. I’ve read and reviewed a few of these Questions Christians Ask books now, and this one is in a fight with Sam Allberry’s “Is God Anti-Gay?” for the mantle of my favourite.

This is not the first of Christopher Ash’s books that I’ve read, and all have a wonderfully warm tone that is pastoral, encouraging, challenging and edifying all at once. He tends to write on subjects that other people might shy away from (the book of Job, the conscience etc…) and this is no different: essentially, Ash deals with the problem of evil, the providence of God, and the free-will of humans all in the one volume of less than 100 pages. He does so with care, clarity and conviction – and most importantly, with faithfulness to the Bible.

I cannot stress how helpful I found this book; I wrote on the providence of God as part of my fourth year at university and I wish I had had it to hand then! Often, I’ve recommended Kevin DeYoung’s book “Just Do Something” as a good guide to understanding God’s will and how we can look to be faithful to it and live within it – Christopher Ash and “Where Was God When That Happened?” is going to become my new first recommendation.

I highly recommend it, and to everyone! Whether you’ve been a Christian for five decades or five minutes (or even not at all), consider yourself a theological pro or theological beginner – I humbly submit to you that you should read this book. Message me and I will buy you one!

Get it here.

3 thoughts on “Where Was God When That Happened? | Christopher Ash

  1. Cool review! Sounds like a good book. I’ve got another from the same series, entitled ‘Did the devil make me do it?’ which is an interesting read too. I’m a big fan of bite-sized and easily digestible books!


    1. I have the whole series but haven’t read them all yet! It’s a great little series though. 10Publishing is also a useful resource for small and easy-to-digest books, FYI 🙂

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