Their Finest Hour and a Half | Lissa Evans


There have been a few movies in the past number of years that I’ve seen and then gone onto read the books that they’ve been based on. I don’t really like to compare them as I think the different media often make necessary the changes to a story from page to screen that can be frustrating – sometimes they just can’t be helped.

“Their Finest” the film is based on the book which was originally published as “Their Finest Hour and a Half”. Although I don’t like to compare, the fact is that I loved the film and I loved the book – and the film really is very faithful to the book. The one difficulty I had with the book (which resulted in my subtraction of one star!) was that initially it is very episodic as Evans introduces all the different characters: there are one or two too many secondary or tertiary characters named which makes you think you need to remember them, but actually they don’t feature very much after the first initial pages.

Generally I find the first few chapters of a novel quite difficult to get into and that was true here, although when I did get into the story and understood which characters I was supposed to be paying attention to I very much enjoyed it. I seem to have read quite a few WWII novels in the past year or so, and I’m discovering it’s a sub-genre I quite like! This isn’t too heavy for a war story, and has a few laugh-out-loud moments. I would recommend it as a pleasant read: a compelling story with strong characters and a lot of heart.

Get it here.

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