Black Panther: A Nation Under Our Feet Book 2 | Coates, Sprouse, Story, Martin


I really enjoy these comics – Ta-Nehisi Coates writes a compelling story and the illustrations do a good job of transporting you to Wakanda. When I started reading this series, I had heard that it improved as it went on, and I think that has been my impression from the first two!

Having done a bit more background reading into Black Panther from the beginning of his appearance in Marvel comics, I was able to understand and enjoy this a bit more than I did with the first one. This book collects three comics that were released from Coates’s series, as well as some of the classic Jungle Action comics from yesteryear.

As the series goes on, it feels like Coates settles more into this form of storytelling, so while I’m not much good at writing reviews for fiction, I’m very much looking forward to volumes three and beyond of A Nation Under Our Feet. If you like comics and you enjoyed Black Panther at the movies, I would say these stories are a pretty safe bet for reading enjoyment!

Get it here.

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