Basics for Believers | D.A. Carson


The blurb is as good a place as any to get a summary of this little gem of a book:

Christians taking their first steps of faith as well as experienced saints reexamining their spiritual foundations will gain exceptional instruction and encouragement from this fresh look at the fundamental disciplines of the Christian life.

Carson exposits the letter to the Philippian church, and in doing so reminds Christians of some basic but vitally important ways to persevere in the faith:

  • by putting the gospel first in all aspects of our lives;
  • by taking the correct perspective of the Cross and allowing it to shape our lives and attitudes;
  • by emulating godly Christian leaders;
  • by resolving never to give up our Christian walk.

Whilst a ‘back to basics’, the principles Carson teaches on are not simple, and are excellent reminders to new Christians and seasoned saints alike. Carson writes in a conversational style (if in a somewhat eccentric professor manner!) and is simple yet profound. He never makes an important point without driving it home to ensure that there is complete clarity in understanding. As much as anything, this book is something of a masterclass in expositional preaching – Carson is faithful to the text and discusses the context within which Paul was writing, but is also careful to faithfully apply these lessons to our lives and context today.

I would highly recommend this as a refresher for those who have been Christians for a long time (there is much encouragement and wisdom to be found here!) and as a solid, biblical introduction to what it means to persevere for the new Christian.

Get it here.

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