Black Panther: A Nation Under Our Feet, Book 3 | Coates, Stelfreeze, Sprouse, Martin


I’ve been on a bit of a Black Panther run at the moment, and really enjoyed this third instalment of the “A Nation Under Our Feet” series. Possibly Book 2 has been my favourite so far, but that isn’t to take away from Book 3! As I’ve gone through these comics, it’s been easier for me to separate the movie Panther/Wakanda from the comic book Panther/Wakanda, which has also helped me to enjoy them more.

One literary aspect that I’ve appreciated in the last couple of Books has been the way Ta-Nehisi Coates has used the title “A Nation Under Our Feet” by giving the phrase to different characters, altering the meaning or understanding of the expression each time. That’s maybe a pretty nerdy observation, but it did bring me a lot of joy!

I think the fourth Book is out now so I’ll need to get onto that, but as usual I would recommend these graphic novels as good fun and worth taking the time to get into!

Get it here.

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